Tips for a successful Skype Interview

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In this modern job market largely due to convenience, flexibility and money-saving initiatives web-based interviews are being conducted on a more frequent basis. Similarly to a face to face interviews, video interviewing can be an extremely stressful and daunting process so now more than ever it has become very important for candidates to have the knowledge and understanding of how to comfortably interview over the web.

Make sure your username is professional:

Everything you do and say during an interview is being used to build a picture of who you are so before supplying your contact details to a potential employer make sure that your skype name reflects a professional tone. In addition make sure that your profile photo is a professional headshot of just you.


Practice makes perfect. Consider recording a mock skype interview with a friend and playing it back to see how you came across. Make a list of thing you need to do differently and correct them for the real interview.

Dress for success:

Treat a virtual interview the same way that you would as a face to face interview. Dressing in the same way for a skype interview that you would in a conventional interview setting will put you in the right frame of mind for success. Make sure than even though the interviewer can only see you from your waist up that you dress yourself from head to toe.

Remember- A professional dress code with video interviewers is expected not excused.

Create your interview setting:

You need to make sure that you pick a quiet, distraction free business like interview setting to conduct your video call. Make sure that there is no elaborate backdrops or mirrors behind you, keeping it as clean and neutral as possible.

Eliminate potential interruptions:

Make sure that you those around you know that you are conducting an important interview and you shouldn’t be disturbed.  Nothing is less professional then having to tell your employer to hold on whilst you usher your child away from the camera.

Check your Technology settings.

Make sure that before you start your video interview you have adequate internet connection that doesn’t lag. (Testing this first with a friend or family member might be a good idea!)

Make sure that all software updates have been completed prior to the start of your interview. This is a very important step as a lot of updates will make your computer automatically restart upon completion which who be disastrous.

Test out your camera beforehand and make sure that the alignment of your camera and screen is correct. Place the camera in a position that incorporates most of your top half. This will allow you to make eye contact with the interviewer as well as the interviewer being able to see your hand gestures and overall body language. As a general rule if the camera is too close to you the interviewer will see just your face and if the camera is too far away and they won’t see anything at all.

You should use a set of headphones or a dedicated microphone instead of relying on the built in device. This will limit the amount of background noise that is picked up.

Remember if you do have technical issues tell the interviewer straight away. Don’t struggle on.

Close all other programs on your computer:

Make sure all other applications on your computer are closed prior to commencing your interview. Getting Facebook or Instagram updates during your interview is both distracting and unprofessional especially if they come with sound.

Look at the camera and not the screen:

Looking directly at the camera and not at a shot of yourself on the screen is paramount during your interview. This is the only way to make eye contact with your interviewer and it make you seem all the more present and personable as well as well as showing that you are interested in the opportunity and appreciate the interviewer’s time.

Posture and body language:

Remember that you are being watched. Because you are not in a traditional interview setting it is easy to relax and forget about your posture and how you are sat. Good posture is one of the most important signs of positive body language. Make sure not to slouch, cross your arms, swing on your chair or put your feet up on the desk. Be professional, alert and look ready to answer questions.

Be natural and professional:

During your interview you must act both naturally and professionally at all times. It’s hard to develop rapport with someone when you’re not in the same room as them so remember to relax, smile and be as friendly as possible.

Don’t be too relaxed though remember to maintain proper eye contact, sit with good posture and always use positive body language.

Top 10 tips:

  1. Prepare adequately as you would for a face to face interview.
  2. Make sure to eliminate all potential disruptions
  3. Dress professionally.
  4. Test your equipment in advance.
  5. Identify a quiet and business like place to have the video call.
  6. Speak clearly at all times.
  7. Maintain good eye contact and posture.
  8. Don’t be distracted by anything else in your surroundings.
  9. If there are technical issues, calmly try and solve them.
  10. Follow the usual face to face guidelines for a successful interview.

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