Careers For Our Creative Candidates!

March 11, 2021 0 Comments

If you are an individual with a creative mind, trying to find that ideal role can feel like making a choice between passion and interest or pay.

There are however a number of creative careers out there in the job market that don’t mean letting go of your hopes for a high salary. Whether you’re interested in designing roads and cities, love telling meaningful stories, or really want to create the next PS5 game, below is a list of are high-paying yet rewarding careers to consider.

  1. User Experience Designer
    This is a great career to consider if you have an eye and passion for design and like to be both creative and practical at the same time. As a User Experience (UX) Designer your aim is to help to create products that are useful, usable and enjoyable. A UX Designer will usually work on websites, apps and games, but can also design non-digital products and experiences. UX Designers focus on the needs of users by considering the why, what and how of product use. UX Design is very valuable to companies and the role commands a high salary.
  1. Communications Manager
    If you love leading people and strategizing and using your voice then Communications Management could be a great career for you. This role involves developing communications strategies and overseeing a team within a business. You will need to be great at clarifying and sharing messages through all kinds of channels, like speeches, press releases as well as print and online content. It’s an exciting and important role with a lot of responsibility within the organization.
  1. Instructional Designer
    Combining both their project management and communication skills along with subject matter knowledge, Instructional Designers create materials for specific learning goals. Instructional Designers include online courses, seminars, instruction manuals, workshops, tutorials and also training modules. It’s a growing industry and perfect for you if you like interacting with a range of different technologies and analysing information. Instructional Designers consult regularly with clients and stakeholders, so it’s an ideal job for people who like collaborating.
  1. Civil Designer
    Ever thought about being a pioneer in developing key infrastructure for the future? Civil Designers work on everything from roads, bridges and railways to earthworks and commercial, industrial and residential developments. These individuals use computer-aided design (CAD) programs to draft, produce, scale and fine-tune drawings and maps. This requires technical knowledge and ability in things like interpreting civil engineering drawings and building plans, so having training in either civil engineering or engineering technology is necessary.
  2. Game Designer
    If you are a person who is interested in inventing, developing, creating and producing computer or video games then this role is for you…Game Designers can do all of this, but usually they choose to specialise in one particular platform (such as PlayStation or Xbox), and a specific aspect of game development, such as game play or scripting. They work in teams to make creative decisions about games’ concepts, interfaces, maps, scenarios, characters and storylines. This requires a mix of creative, computing and communication skills.

Above is an example of only five creative careers that offer a good size pay cheque.

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